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The Open European Journal on Variable Stars is an online electronic journal offering an easy way for publishing your results on variable stars. It is dedicated to amateur as well as professional astronomers who want to present their results to the community. The OEJV mainly publishes original reports on new discoveries, lists of minima/maxima timings, conference proceedings and various studies of variable stars. All submitted papers have to successfully undergo a refereeing process ensured by the editorial board. This guarantees a high quality standard of the published papers. All issues are included in the ADS and Simbad portals.

Preparation of your manuscript

To make the author’s work easier, we offer templates in LaTeX and Microsoft WORD format, which can be downloaded here. In order to keep OEJV publications as uniform as possible, authors are required to use the corresponding LaTeX style file (oejv.sty) and pay attention to an appropriate layout when using the WORD template.

We accept only papers in English.

A more detailed manual on how to prepare your manuscript can be found here.

How to submit your paper

The PDF version of your contribution should be sent to zc.inum.scisyhp@vjeo.

Approval process

You will obtain a confirmation mail no later than one week after your submission. If you do not receive an email within the specified time span, please let us know at zc.inum.scisyhp@vjeo. The paper will then undergo the refereeing process ensured by the OEJV editors. The corresponding referee report will be sent to you no later than one month after your submission. Based on the editors’ feedback, you should then prepare a revised version of your paper and resubmit for another round of the refereeing process. After all requests by the editors have been addressed, your paper will be published.

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